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Housecraft Walkthrough

Housecraft App Preview

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Perfectly plan your future home with your phone!

Housecraft uses your device’s camera and the power of augmented reality to let you place fully rendered 3D models anywhere in your world.


+ Feel exactly how big objects are and how they’ll fit
+ Admire objects from any angle in any light
+ Save room configurations, try them out anywhere


From the designers of Threes! and OneShot.

What's New in Version 1.01

The first of many updates ^_^

+ Somehow we managed to ship a furniture app without any bookshelves. This has been remedied!!
+ We added lots of COLOR VARIATIONS to certain items... like the sofa, for example!
+ We've slightly updated our lighting model, so hopefully things will look a little more natural and less garish.

If you have any object or feature requests, be sure to let us know over at

Finally, be sure to leave a review! We are a very small team and we appreciate your help in telling the world about our little app :)